The Vision of the Portal Priestess Mystery School

Our vision is to ignite a global movement where 1-million women worldwide are practicing the Art of Pussyology to create a wave of evolutionary healing for humanity.

Are you ready to join us on this journey to initiate 1-million women around the world?

Our Mystery School grows organically through word of mouth… one woman at a time.

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If you know a woman who may resonate with our mission, please send them to our website, make an introduction via direct message, or ask them to join our private Facebook Group:

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The Portal Priestess Mystery School thrives on collaboration with other feminine leaders who host podcasts, mastermind groups and live events for women:

Meet the Founders

Temple of the Sacred Portal 6


Sierra J Sullivan

Sierra J. Sullivan is an Empowerment Mentor, Ritualist, Pussy Oracle, Ceremony Officiant & Sacred Journey Guide for women & couples who seek more connection and alignment in life, love and relationship.

Throughout her nearly 20 years in service to the re-emergence of the divine feminine, Sierra has successfully helped women all over the world to embrace more of who they are through the art of pleasure, play, fun and ritual as a powerful and effective way to create their dreams and desires. 

Her mission is to eradicate pussy shame from the planet and support women in claiming the divinity of their sacred portals and awakening to the mystery and majesty that can be found in the divine design of a woman’s flower. She is also the co-founder of Eden World, a private membership club for evolutionary couples that supports building more loving relationships and a world that works for everyone.


Kimberly Laverdure

Kimberly is a seasoned ritualist, spiritual healer, and psychic oracle who co-facilitates the Pussology readings. With her profound connection to the spiritual realms, she channels divine wisdom and guidance for those seeking deeper understanding. Kimberly has dedicated numerous years to walking the path of sacred service alongside Sierra within this sacred ministry, sharing her intuitive gifts and nurturing the spiritual growth of countless seekers.

Her role extends beyond the mystical realms as she serves as a guiding light in the training of Portal Priestess Initiates, instilling within them the ancient wisdom and practices of the sacred feminine. Through her mastery of ritualistic ceremonies, she creates sacred spaces where profound healing and transformation unfold.

In addition to her spiritual duties, Kimberly brings her innate understanding of systems and technology to the Temple, serving as our Virtual Life Alchemist. As the mistress of tech, communications, and customer support, she seamlessly integrates modern tools with ancient wisdom, ensuring the Temple remains a beacon of light in the digital age.