Yoni Codes Revealed: Awaken Your Feminine Power with the Portal Priestesses

When a woman knows her pussy, she knows her power.
When we know our power, we change how we show up in life.
When we change how we show up in life, we change the way we view life.
When we change the way we view life, we change reality itself.

Wednesday, April 10th at 5pm PT / 8pm ET

Is the Call of the Priestess Path Stirring Within You?
Have you felt a pull towards the path of a priestess or to offer your gifts to the rise of the feminine movement? This gathering is for you if you're ready to dedicate yourself (even in a small way) to this powerful journey.

Empowering Women? Take Your Work to the Next Level.
Already working with women (circle guides, healers, teachers, facilitators, etc.)? Imagine offering enriching rituals and sacred experiences alongside your existing services. This call is perfect for those who want to expand their offerings.

Unlock Your Inner Temple: A Journey of Self-Discovery.

Are you curious to create a deeper connection with your sacred portal?  Do you yearn for new practices to explore your power, divinity and identity as a woman? This call is your invitation to explore how to bring more of this depth and self-love to your life. 

🌸 Discover Your Path of Empowerment 🌸

Unveil the secrets to unlocking your priestess potential on this exclusive call. Learn how to leverage our potent teachings to deepen connections with your sisters, ignite your inner power, and illuminate your path forward.

Join the Circle of Empowered Women! Mark your calendars and RSVP to secure your spot. 

During this call, you'll:

  • Discover ways to integrate our transformative practices into your life.
  • Learn how you can contribute to the rise of the feminine.
  • Explore bringing this potent skillset to your circles.
  • Learn about private readings and how they can support your journey.
  • Find Your Tribe: Join a supportive community of like-minded women.

Are you ready to enhance your skills, expertise, and self-mastery in a magical and sacred way? Then join us for this call to Activate Your Portal Codes with the Portal Priestess Mystery School.

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Sierra Sullivan 

Portal Oracle / Sacred Journey Guide / Portal Priestess
IG @sierrajsullivan

Kimberly Laverdure

Portal Oracle / Life Alchemist & Ritualist / Portal Priestess
IG @kimberly_laverdure