In the name of sisterhood, I welcome you.

I am so excited that you are here. My mission in life is to support the re-emergence of the feminine into the modern world. For far too long women have joined the ranks of a masculine paradigm and we have come to a point where this way of “doing” is no longer serving us, our our relationships, our careers and our world. My own life journey has called me forth to be a messenger and a guide for this emerging feminine. I am honored to fulfill this calling and I look forward to sharing the many adventures of this experience with you. Please take some time here and see what I have to offer. I invite you to join my tribe and community of sisters. I look forward to supporting your unique expression of womanhood. Welcome to the Circle! In sisterhood~

What women are saying about Sierra & her feminine coaching work:

Sierra, You are an amazing woman! I am so blessed to have met you and I am learning so much about myself through you. I wanted to thank you for that. You are the best!!!!!”

– Ellen Mancin

“It’s as though Sierra has been living her life as a seeker of the best lessons and bits of wisdom with her eyes, ears and heart wide open and has distilled that information in order to disseminate it in a way that is profoundly useful to others. Working with Sierra has been absolutely valuable to who I am as a person.”  

– Lenore Perry

“If you prioritize growth and personal expansion you must align with teachers, supporters and advisors who help keep you on track moving toward your goals. If these teachers are well chosen, their mere presence in your life- the way they listen and speak to you- will reflect critical information back to you along your journey, thus allowing a powerful relationship with them and yourself to develop. The teacher that I find in Sierra is exactly that. She is deeply committed to conscious growth and to sharing and supporting the journey of us women. I have found that she has the ability to channel the highest information to me which helps me bring out my truest gifts. Even when I am not not exactly sure what it is that I want to achieve, a session with Sierra brings clarity and purpose into the light for me.”

– Tancie Trail

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