Are you feeling curious or intrigued about the possibility of receiving a private Pussyology Reading?

This powerful ritual experience will connect you more deeply to your unique story and offer you embodied guidance in understanding your divine path as a woman.

A private Pussyology Reading will astound you to learn about the profound wisdom and direction that can be found in the design of your beautiful flower and how to apply it to your creative projects and life goals.

Pussyology Reading

What is a Pussyology Reading?

Believe it or not, every woman’s unique vulva has information encoded into it that tells your story and purpose.

Much like palm-ology, Pussy-ology offers an in-depth look into the magic and mystery of your sacred portal and can offer you much needed validation, healing, guidance and understanding of who you are and who you are here to be as a sacred vessel.

In a Private Pussyology Reading, a trained Portal Priestess will view images of your yoni flower and go into an in-depth reading on the symbols, codes and transmissions coming from your sacred portal and offer guidance on how to apply it to your life.

What might you discover from a Private Pussyology Reading?

  • Get to know your Yoni like you’ve never known her before
  • Discover how her unique design relates to your life narrative, purpose and gifts
  • Be intimately witnessed in a sacred setting with love, compassion and delight
  • Heal from past negative perceptions of your sacred flower and body image
  • Experience something unique and different in the exploration of your sexuality
  • Find an unshakable connection to your own body’s wisdom and intuitive powers
  • Get answers to questions you may have about your life and purpose directly from your own sacred source

And so much more!

Pussyology Reading

Become aligned with your higher truth through the incredible story of your portal’s unique design!

When you say yes to this private, in-depth experience of receiving your own personalized reading, you will be expertly held by trained Portal Priestess Oracles who will guide you through a journey of discovery and delight to know yourself in new and empowering ways.

Discover the Codes Within Your Folds

Private Pussyology Readings

The Portal Quest Immersion:

Our premier personalized reading & mentoring experience for women who desire an in-depth look into your unique codes with direct guidance and support to integrate the wisdom, messages and symbols gained directly from your reading into your life path, career or relationship.

This sacred journey comes with a private reading immersion, pre and post reading sessions and direct access to TWO Portal Priestess Oracles (Sierra and Kimberly, the founders of the Portal Priestess Mystery School) who will hold, guide and support you along the way.

Over the period of your 4-week immersion, you will receive:

  • Professional Support From Our Founders: You will be personally guided by TWO Portal Oracles, Sierra and Kimberly, who both have decades of professional experience of coaching in the women’s personal development world
  • 50-min Intention Setting Session: Get clear on your creative intentions for your reading and prepare for your photo taking ritual
  • Pussyology Photo Ritual Support: With the help of our printable guidebook, receive guidance and personalized text support for your photo shoot (which you will do solo at home)
  • 2-hr Portal Oracle Power Reading: Be held by TWO Portal Oracles for your in-depth private oracle reading reviewing multiple images of your flower and mentoring on how to apply it to your creative intention
  • Recording of Your Oracle Reading: Review your reading after the session so you can research your symbology for a deeper understanding of your divine codes
  • 50-min Aftercare & Homeplay Session: Integrate what you have learned from your reading along with receiving a specialized ritual practice provided by the Portal Oracles.

Hear Her-Story

What Women Are Saying

The idea of a pussy reading might initially feel uncomfortable, but what unfolds is a process of gently opening and freeing of personal blockages. Being vulnerable in this way for me, opened the door to being vulnerable in other areas of my life. Doing this in community was more transformational than I expected. It normalized a part of my body, tearing down internalized personal, and communal, shame. Journeying with Sierra and a community of sisters, in a container of time, brought an element of sacredness to my pussy, and to every pussy I’ve witnessed. Don’t sign up for this program because it sounds like a fun, crazy whim; sign up because you want to commit to stepping into a space where you are seen for all your…  innate beauty,  and power, and sacredness.”  – Elizabeth Martin Chan

“My oracle reading with Sierra was everything I imagined and so much more! It was the most intimate conversation I have ever had with a stranger. To be seen and witnessed on such a tender level was exactly the shift of energy that I yearned for to deepen my relationship to myself as well as to my husband.

Sierra gave generously of her time and wisdom in a humorous and light hearted way that immediately felt like I was speaking to an old friend. She left me with many tools to continue and deepen my exploration of sexuality and the juiciness of life. Its been 30 days and I can feel the ripples of this reading filtering into my life, shaking up the uneasy parts and bringing them into the light; my newly found connection to my pussy giving me the awareness and the courage to face them. Thank you!” – Irene

“I had an exquisite fascinating intimate pussy oracle reading with gorgeous Sierra. Her wisdom, humour, depth, openness and playfulness made the reading enjoyable and authentic.

The richness of all the details and archetypes she could see in there was so insightful, revealing and profound. It is a vulnerable yet such fun experience to connect with my pussy and with Sierra’s unique work. I loved it and I highly recommend a reading to all awaken women on the path of evolution and self-discovery.” – Anick Patry transformational coach, voice healer, speaker

“Wow, thank you!!  After my reading, I feel reactivated and in touch with my pussy!  I forgot how much she can light up with information. I’ve rediscovered that she has an intuitive knowing and important stuff to share when I create space to be in a relationship with her. Asking questions, she lights up (or not)… reading something that excites me shows up in energy moving around her too. I was looking for something twice, and my yoni pointed me to it. She is so powerful!

Sierra, you are so tender and alive. Our time together was amazing and the information was powerful.  I’m fascinated, yet somehow not surprised, with your gifts and the information my pussy has. Thank you for embracing and nurturing your soul’s gift with the world and helping us honor ourselves and the wisdom of our pussies!” – Dr. Julie