Sacred Portal Reflections
A Sister Circle to Honor Your Yoni's Wisdom
Wednesday, August 14th at 5:30pm PT 
August's Theme
Wisdom and Stories as They Relate to Our Sacred Portals.

Come and share your personal pussy stories with us.

Together, we will explore the narratives we've been holding onto, and how we can rewrite them to align with our highest truths.

This is an opportunity to reflect on the stories we are ready to let go of and envision the stories we can co-create for generations to come.

Do you feel a deep longing to connect with your true self, but something feels off, like a missing piece, especially when it comes to embracing your femininity?

Have you ever felt a powerful pull to explore your inner wisdom through your yoni, but feel unsure where to start this journey?

In a world where the sacredness of our portals is often overlooked or misunderstood, and we see the perils of this reflected in how we treat our planet and women, it’s time for a new story to be told.

Join us for a gathering of self-discovery and empowerment, where we delve into the wisdom of your yoni, learning to listen to her message and uncovering the truths she holds.

We invite you to Sacred Portal Reflections—a safe and nurturing space with other women where we honor and celebrate the wisdom within our bodies.
During this gathering you will: 
  • Gain insights into your own story and how it influences your life.
  • Connect with like-minded women who are also on a journey of self-discovery of their pussy power.
  • Rewrite your story and step into a more empowered and aligned version of yourself.
  • An open space to share and listen to personal stories of wisdom and transformation.
  • Guided discussions on how our past narratives around our yoni’s shape our present and future.
  • Collaborative exercises to consciously choose and co-create new stories that reflect our deepest wisdom and aspirations.
Join us for Sacred Portal Reflections happening on
Wednesday, August 14th at 5:30pm PT. 
It's difficult to put into words just how transformative and empowering having a Pussyology reading was for me. From the moment I stepped into the ritual, I felt like I was enveloped in a warm blanket of comfort and assurance. It was as if the universe whispered, "You're okay. You're healed. Move forward."

And let me tell you, that feeling alone was worth its weight in gold.
But it didn't stop there. Oh no, I received powerful symbology that resonated deeply within me. One particular symbol from my yoni was the Black Eagle and that ignited a fire within my soul.It was like receiving a divine message, guiding me towards the next steps in my journey. Suddenly, I realized that I possess all the tools and knowledge needed to navigate life's twists and turns. It was a profound reminder that everything I seek is already within me.

If you're ready to view your body as a vessel of power and listen to its wisdom, then this experience is for you. Trust me, the journey inward is worth every moment.
 Jendharé LeAnnn 
Are you feeling called toward a path that will guide you in honoring the wisdom of your yoni and stepping into your power?
Join us for Sacred Portal Reflections happening on Wednesday, August 14th at 5:30pm PT. 

(These circles will not be recorded, so plan to attend live for this potent sister experience.)


Sierra Sullivan 

Portal Oracle / Sacred Journey Guide / Portal Priestess
IG @sierrajsullivan

Kimberly Laverdure

Portal Oracle / Life Alchemist & Ritualist / Portal Priestess
IG @kimberly_laverdure