Portal Priestess Mystery School

We support women to reclaim their personal power, amplify their intuition and unite in sisterhood through the Art of Pussyology and our Portal Priestess training programs.

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The Art of Pussyology

Believe it or not, every woman’s unique vulva anatomical design has information encoded into it that tells her story and purpose.

Much like palm-ology, Pussy-ology offers an in-depth look into the magic and mystery of your Sacred Portal and can offer you much needed validation, healing, guidance and understanding of who you are and who you are here to be as a sacred vessel.

The Portal Priestess Mystery School offers women a chance to experience the magic of Pussyology through our training programs, community rituals and private readings.

Our Programs

Explore the Secrets of the Yoniverse

Curious about what is inside the Yoniverse of the Portal Priestess Mystery School?

Begin your initiation journey as a Portal Priestess today with our FREE self-guided “Love Your Yoni” mini-course where you will:

  • View our awe inspiring film “Secrets of the Yoniverse”
  • Connect back to nature as a source of body confidence
  • Receive a ritual to love your yoni with the Art of Pussyology

This program is absolutely FREE to access and enjoy!

Temple of the Sacred Portal

When women gather together in a community ritual space to look, honor and read another woman’s Sacred Portal, deep magic and healing is unveiled for all.

Join us for our community Temple of the Sacred Portal Experience led by our Portal Priestess Oracles and Apprentices where you get to witness a live Pussyology reading.

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Portal Priestess Initiation Program

In our Portal Priestess Initiation experiential program, we invite a small group of women on an intimate journey into learning the sacred practices of our mystery school.

This group program provides women a new entry point to personal power through training you in a very unique Portal Priestess art form: Pussyology Readings!

Take this skillset on for your personal growth, or begin your professional path towards becoming a certified Portal Priestess Oracle.