Sierra J. Sullivan

Sacred Journey Guide for Women & Couples, Pussy Oracle.


To activate and awaken women into their juiciness, manifesting mojo and playful essence to become pleasure-filled, conscious creators of life and reality.
To gather couples into an experience of evolutionary partnership with a supportive community of visionary leaders and change agents in which to evolve their relationship.

brief Bio

Sierra J. Sullivan is an Empowerment Mentor, Experience Designer, Pussy Oracle & Sacred Journey Guide for women & couples who seek more truth and alignment in life, love and relationship. She helps her tribe of awakened seekers to reclaim their divinity, design their reality to fit their desires and increase their ability to pleasurably and powerfully magnetize and manifest what they truly want in life using sacred practices, rituals, ceremony and a whole lot of fun and play.

Full Bio

Sierra J. Sullivan is a playful, reverently irreverent… sacred journey guide, lifestyle mentor and reality creation designer for women & couples who are ready to lighten up about life and start actualizing their dreams with ease, fun, pleasure and magic.
With her 15+ years in service to the re-emergence of the divine feminine Sierra has successfully helped women all over the world to focus on “less doing and more being” in order to have and enjoy more success in life, love and business. She also leads sacred pussy reclamation rituals and offers private pussy oracle readings for women who desire to know, listen to and fall in love with this most revered part of themselves.
She and her husband / business partner Rono are the founders and visionaries of Eden Rising…  the first of its kind, restival and private sanctuary for visionary couples.
Sierra is a firm believer in modeling her message and being an inspiration for others to do the same so when she’s not speaking at festivals, leading magical experiences and retreats or laughing in the hot tub with her tribe of conscious rabble-rousers, you can find her spending time with her husband and business partner, Rono at their “Love Shack on the Lake” in upstate NY… a place where all the magic of their life gets conjured and created.




  • Tame Your Inner Critic– How to Transform Your Negative Self-talk Forever!
  • The Art of Effortless Manifestation – Learn a Simple Formula that Creates Major Magnetism for Your Desires.
  • God * Sex * Money – a workshop designed to investigate the current construct of the money grid, wealth codes, sex manifesting magic, our relationship to prosperity and what it means to be well resourced in today’s world.
  • The Pleasure Effect – Pleasure as a Pathway to Success.
  •  Secrets of the Yoniverse: A Woman’s Guide to Understanding the Magic and Mystery of Her Sacred Portal of Life.

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